New Buckenham Street Map
New Buckenham
Boosey's Walk G27
Dam Brigg H24
Castle Hill Road H25
Chapel Hill F25
Chapel Street G25
Church Street F26
The Common E29
Cuffer Lane E26
Folly Lane D26
Grange Road E27
Haugh Road I24
King Street G26
Marsh Lane G26
Moat Lane E26
New Buckenham Rd G23
Norwich Road E29
Queen Street G26
Rosemary Lane G26
St Martins Gardens F25
St Marys Close F26
Tanning Lane F28
Upgate E28
A Village Hall
B St Martin's Church
C Post Office
D The George
E The Kings Head
F Market Cross
G The Castle

Click here for maps of Banham, Old Buckenham and Eccles, Wilby and Quidenham

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