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Old Buckenham Modelling and Games Club (OBMGC)
inc. Old Buckenham Bone Crushers (Wargames Club).

A brief introduction...

Originally started as a gathering of Warhammer players over Christmas break of 2004. Due to the numbers turning up it was moved to Old Buckenham Village Hall where a proper club was formed.

The idea was to use the OBMGC as an "umbralla" club to allow people to use the insurance to cover more than just the wargames.

We also set aside a couple of tables for modelling, which up until now has encompassed mainly Warhammer modelling - movement trays, stone wall building and ruined buildings have been covered. Supervised by Neil, an avid kit builder who has yet to have the time to do any modelling of his own. If there are any modellers out there let me know (young or old), it would be nice to encompass more diverse modelling including plastic kits etc. If there is enough interest we might even have a model competition and display.

If you have a hobby that you would like to share let me know and I'll try and fine out how much interest is out there.

Model Railway enthusiasts – Are there any out there? Do you want to share your hobby? The Old Buckenham Modelling and Games Club are looking to branch out and model railways has been suggested. So if you are interested in taking it up or helping to get a club off the ground let me know. If there is enough response perhaps we can get something started.

New members (including beginners) are welcome - just bring your model and paints along - we're a very friendly bunch (but please let me know if you want to come along so we have an idea of numbers). There is an age limit of 10, those under 10 must be accompanied by a parent. Cost is £2.00 for members (£3.50 non-members) per session and includes a drink and slice of cake for those quick enough. Membership is currently £5 per year. Email or call Paul on 01953 860023.

Whilst the majority of members are under 16, the club is meant for adults as well as children - it is for serious gamers/modellers held in an adult environment, it is not meant to be a youth club and members must act sensibly.

Meetings start at 2.30pm with a 5pm finish for the under 14s and a 6pm finish for those 14 and over.