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Aftermath gaming club is based in Norwich, Norfolk. We meet every week to play Sci Fi and Fantasy Wargames: www.aftermath-club.co.uk

Battlenet Wargaming and netwok computer games club: www.battlenet.co.uk

Coltishall Cowards Gaming Club: http://www.coltishallcowards.co.uk/

www.fantasy-wargames.com, the top site on the net for finding new and second-hand Warhammer, Warmachine, Confrontation, Infinity and other fantasy wargames.

www.miniaturesbypost.com Cheap GW games

Huddersfield Gaming Club (Celler Dwellers): http://cellardwellers.info/index.php

Zombies Zombie rules website: www.occultwars.com

Warhammer Cabinets Solid wood cabinets - download the brochure here (pdf).

Wargamers Forum Eastern Alliance http://easternalliance.freeforums.org This forum is for all wargamers, painters and modelmakers in the east of England.

Paul's Battletech website - http://www.starwomble.plus.com/

Let me know if you have something to say or something for sale and I'll upload them.