Technical Specifications

Purpose: Milling Corn for flour and animal feed.
Date of Construction: 1818. Ceased Working: 1926.
Type: Tower Mill, Brick Built with Boat Cap.
Tower: 42' high, walls 2' thick, external diameter at base 26' 6" and at curb 23'. Iron curb on wooden ring.
Cap: Wooden Boat Cap, 24' diameter plus gallery and iron railings. 5 truck wheels plus 10 others and 17 centring wheels.
Cap Winding: 6 bladed 12' diameter fantail. Spindle drive and reduction gearing through interlinked spur gear and worm.
Sails: 4 patent sails spanning approx. 75'. Each sail has 10 bays. Striking gear operated by lever. The mill probably had 8 sails originally. Shutters were wooden backed with wire frame and canvas covers.
Windshaft: Manufactured by Smithdale Engineers in Norwich. 15' long tapering from 11" diameter. Approx. weight 2.5 tons.
Brakewheel: 10' diameter, clasp arm construction. 5 segment brake. Iron cog ring of 120 cogs cast in segments.
Main Shaft: 25' long iron, 8" diameter.
Wallower: 6' diameter all iron, 8 sided hub. Wooden ring bolted under wallower to drive sack hoist.
Mill Drive: Underdriven, large 13' diameter segmented great spur wheel. 12 sections assembled on site.
Stones: 5 pairs French Burr. 3" diameter stone spindles. 4 stones set on curved iron bridge tree. One pair set apart on wooden bridge tree with rack and pinion to raise runner stone.
Stone Nuts: Iron, 20" diameter, 24 wooden cogs. 6 stone nuts, 5 driving stones and one driving dresser. 5 raised by horizontal lever with forked end, one by rack and pinion.
Governors: 2 governors, one controlling 4 pairs of stones with 8" diameter iron governor balls. Smaller governor controlling one pair of stones. Drive for both via spindles to main shaft on stone floor.
Sack Hoist: Friction drive from wooden ring on wallower.
Date of Refurbishment: 1996 Cap and sails reconstructed and reinstalled.

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